Chris Smith’s sister is a riot

I got to meet Chris Smith last week for lunch, and had a great time. As I’m a parent of two little ones (3 months and 2 years and change), part of my contribution to the lunch-time chatter inevitably led to stories which I find unbelievably cute which no doubt bored Chris to tears. (I’m not being fair: Chris looked interested… but he doesn’t have kids and I’ll bet “staying out late” for him means staying out past prime-time TV, or going to a bar, or eating late. But I digress.)

He linked to his sister’s blog this week, and I haven’t had this many laugh-out-loud moments in the office in a while. Whether it’s the three year old holding the dog’s eyelids open, or declaring “God is dead”, or the six month old doing his best Exorcist impression – I’ve been there (or, more accurately, my wife has been there and told me about it), and Kathy captures the moments perfectly.

If you have kids, you’ll get a kick out of her stuff. Keep it up, Kathy!

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