Added category listings to each post

Anyone reading this blog can now see which categories I’ve posted to for each post. I think categories are a powerful feature of Radio – they let me route content to separate blogs (for instance, to post something to Radio for Lawyers I just send it to that category, Radio takes care of uploading it to the right place). But it hasn’t always been apparent to visitors to the site that there are ways of looking at just the content that they care about.

Many thanks to Roland Tanglao who pointed me to the comments at Jake’s site that explain how to do it. It’s simple – just drop a file into your Macros directory, then add one line to your item template. Took less than five minutes. (Roland’s site is worth visiting for KM issues, by the way, and Jake’s a developer at Userland who’s got a number of good things to share re: Radio and blogs in general.)

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