10,000 year-old clocks

The Clock of the Long Now.

I remember reading in Wired about Danny Hillis “millennium clock”. It was a single page with some text over a picture of Hillis, probably standing by the clock, I don’t remember. The text can be found here. When I read it, I interpreted it as a challenge to be able to build something to last for 10,000 years and didn’t think much about it.
Now I’m reading The Nudist on the Late Shift – a book I mindlessly picked up at a sale and honestly didn’t think I would ever read, but as I started I couldn’t stop. It’s a very interesting book about Silicon Valley during the latter part of the 90s. … [Tesugen.com]

Great post from Peter Lindberg’s weblog about futurists, long-range planning, and the impact of technology on culture.

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