You Need a Portable DVD Player for Your Car

I followed the NY Times bit on movies in the car, then saw Jenny’s comments on the same. These were quite timely, as my wife and I hit the road Saturday morning for the Chicago to Philadelphia drive. It’s an 800 mile drive, and with a 2 year-old and a 2 month old, we were not too excited about the 14 hours in the car. So, based in part on Jenny’s recommendation, we headed over to Target Friday night and bought a portable DVD player.

Jenny is right: if you have kids, you need one of these. We ended up getting the Audiovox VBP4000 ($399 at Target), and it is spectacular. It runs off the cigarette lighter, has a detachable monitor, and can support two separate monitors. Each monitor can take separate video feeds, so as the kids get older they can either watch movies or play video games. The detachable monitor rests on the rear of my headrest, so the screen is at eye level. It’s all contained in a small bag, and is just a great little piece of electronics. One advantage to being portable: it’ll go on airplanes, to someone else’s house, etc. And it’s at least half of what you would pay if you wanted to get one permanently mounted in the car.

Thank you, Jenny. You helped make our trip east much more bearable!

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