Where in the world… are you?

There are no original ideas anymore. I’ve been thinking about trying to locate other blogs by location – to see who’s in what region, get a feel for how their location might affect their writings, etc. A while back I wrote about getting a group of us Chicago-ans together (I’m very impressed wtih the name I gave it, too – Prairie Blogs), and then I saw the NYC Bloggers site, which is very cool.

And I kept coming back to: how could you code this to make it easy to do a meta search on things like location? Looks like Phillip Scott has given this some thought, too. Neat idea – he’s new to the blogging game, and I think his idea has merit. While I wouldn’t put this at the top of Userland’s priority list by a long shot, it’s not a bad idea. Wouldn’t others appreciate the ability to look for bloggers based on location?

(And don’t get me started on classification of blogs by interest, subject area, etc…)

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