Where are the B batteries?

“B” Cell batteries: Mystery solved. Stefan sez:

If you go to a battery display in a drug or convenience store or Radio Shack, you’ll find AAA-cell batteries, and AA-cell batteries, and C-cell batteries and big ‘ol D-cell batteries.

But no A or B cell batteries.

This has bothered me for years, and past searches turned up nothing.  Now, thanks to an article on the Discovery Channel Canada site, I know what a B cell looks like. Apparently, A cells are available in Canada, but they didn’t include one on the little photoshopped battery line-up included in the article. Link Discuss (Thanks, Stefan!) [bOing bOing]

I’m including this only because I nearly posted a question about this on Tuesday. I had to replace the batteries in my two month old’s bouncy chair, and realized that I’d never seen a B battery. That struck me as odd, and I resolved to post a question here in the hopes that someone could answer it for me.

This is just proof that blogging really is powerful technology: blogs answer my questions before they’re asked, further simplifying my life. 🙂

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  1. they don't have B-batteries because they don't want to cause confusion if you say “i would like some b-batteries” (did he just studder)

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