Watching Road Rules

You know, just when I thought the reality genre had been completely tapped, my wife and I catch the debut of season 11 of Road Rules on MTV. Aside from the fact that this has to be the first time we’ve watched MTV in at least a decade (not really, but with two kids now it sure feels that way), neither of us really felt like we needed another reality show in the mix of shows TiVo catches for us. (And if we were home, instead of in a hotel with few channel choices, we probably wouldn’t have bothered.)

Biggest surprise: it’s funny. Forcing six college-aged kids to roam around a dorm and make them collectively gain 15 pounds (the “freshman 15” – get it?) in four hours is funny. (That’s one example; there are others.) Road Rules used to be just one big scavenger hunt… but now it’s evolved, including challenges, rotating teams, and the possibilities of voting someone out.

Not bad.

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