Samsonite soft.dock

This sounds cool (courtesy of Wall Street Journal Smart Money, which I’m reading on the plane):

A brand new bag: Laptops are supposed to be travel-friendly. But unpacking one in a phone-booth-size coach seat typically means sending a flying elbow into a fellow passenger. Situations like these call for the Samnsonite soft.doc ($69.99,, a new laptop case that’s one part carrier, one part workstation. The bag has pockets that allow you to keep your mouse and power pack plugged in so you don’t have to pull everything out to play Tetris. And a mesh sling angles the keyboard to put some air beneath the machine – a welcome feature for those of us tired of feeling as if our laptop is melting our skin. [Smart Money]

I’ll update and find a picture to include. Sounds like a great replacement for my beat-up Tumi (which, I’m sad to say, hasn’t held up all that well and really isn’t that great a bag).

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