Playing with the blogroll again

I think I’m on to something, but it’s definitely not there yet. I’ve changed my blogroll (for non-bloggers, a blogroll is simply a collection of links to other weblogs) to use the Radio Directory Outliner to organize the links. (You can see the early attempts at my home page.) Some advantages to this approach:

  • I can incorporate by reference other collections of links (I’m maintaining lists of Prairie Blogs and of Law Blogs) – so that I maintain the links once, but can link to them from multiple places.
  • The Directory Outliner can present lots of links by rolling them up under top-level folders; you double-click on the folder icon, and you see the rest of the links below. The Directory Outliner doesn’t re-draw the screen, so it’s a nice way to make the home page (and included links) more interactive, more visually appealing.
  • It’s cool.

So… anybody want to help out? I want to know how to tweak the presentation of the outliner, change the font, remove the top-line menu item (“Top > Links > Etc.”), and so on. Any takers?

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