Making weblogs an effective KM strategy

Jon Udell posts on Google and k-logging:

My weblog buddies will enjoy this sidebar to an article on the Google search appliance. When I say “Google” in that piece, I mean it in a generic sense. Today we associate PageRank with Google. There will be other ways to pool human evaluation of information, and Google will not be the only inventor of such techniques.

The real point is that k-logging needs to be a game that people want to play, not a job they have to do. [via Jon Udell’s weblog]

I got an e-mail from Skip on this (Skip: where’s your blog?) too. I agree that this is a critical step for k-logs to become valuable resources in an organization (I wrote about it in some detail back in February). But it’s not just about searching. People need to provide their own “filters” to be part of the solution. Technology can help out though. And that’s where Google, blogdex, “Distributed Directories” and others come in.

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