Ground Zero

After lunch yesterday, I walked a few blocks over to Ground Zero. It doesn’t pack the emotional wallup that you might expect – the people working on the site have done an incredible job of turning it into a massive construction zone (and a clean, orderly one at that). What is incredible is the sheer size of the hole left by the buildings’ collapse. As you walk around the site, it’s the little details that catch you: the patches that decorate the front door of the fire department facing Ground Zero, the five story tall banner erected by families of victims of September 11, the stream of trucks pulling the last of the debris out of the pit up the ramp.

Last night, I had dinner with one of my best friends, Jim McNeal, who has lived in Manhattan for years and was working at the World Financial Center the morning of September 11. His pictures of the site are a powerful first-hand account of what he saw.

On a related note, saw this site at DayPop. A proposal to rebuild the WTC, in memory of September 11 and its victims. Intriguing.

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