Flying to Reagan National Airport: Absolute Nonsense

Flying back from San Antonio, I connected through St. Louis. I was in the waiting area at the gate, and while on the cell phone overheard an announcement that asked us to clear out of the boarding area. Then two guards proceeded to up-end every piece of furniture in the boarding area, pick up trash cans, etc. Apparently this is routine for all flights into DC.

Who are they kidding? If you actually manage to get through security with a weapon of some kind, do they really think you’re going to leave it on your seat in the boarding area? If what they’re worried about is someone on the inside leaving a weapon behind, this is far from fool-proof: just leave the weapon at the next gate.

Why aren’t they doing the same for flights to Chicago (they could take out the Sears Tower, after all), or San Francisco (Golden Gate), or Boston (Hancock Tower), or… the list goes on.

The bottom line is that I feel absolutely no safer now that this charade has completed. What a waste of resources. But now that the feds are in charge, it’ll be different, right?


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