Fill out those forms

Ernie The Attorney sends a comment that answers my desire for an Identity Manager! This may not have everything that you are looking for, but I use it and like it. It’s free and it’s name is….? Roboforms I hope it helps. I can’t imagine living without it.

Thank you Ernie! RoboForm looks pretty cool. In fact, I see that Discover is using it for their Deskshop product. This will definitely be getting a trial on my machine in the near future. These weblogs are great! Why do I blog? It enables others to help me solve problems.” [On the Mark]

A cool tool I’ll have to try, now that I’ve given up on Gator. Mostly I’m highlighting this for Kate, who desperately needs to get rid of Gator. Oh, and Roboforms is free.

Now, if I could just solve my problem of getting Dreamweaver MX to search an Oracle database using ColdFusion MX…. (If you’ve done this successfully, please contact me!!!!!)

[The Shifted Librarian]

What a great pointer from Ernie, via Jenny who picked it up. Thanks!

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