C|Net on Tower Snow’s Departure from Brobeck

At the center of a high-tech legal storm. Stunned by the dot-com implosion, high-tech law firm Brobeck Phleger & Harrison wanted to diversify. But then-Chairman Tower Snow wanted to stay the course. That’s when the sparks began to fly. [CNET News.com]

Now the popular press is picking up the Tower Snow departure from Brobeck. C|Net interviews Snow and tries to read the tea leaves. Snow has some interesting comments about what the future holds for tech-focused law firms, and explains why he joined Clifford Chance.

Best part of the article: when the interviewer calls Snow on an apparent flip-flop regarding the need to diversify (read it, it’s good) and when the interviewer suggests Snow’s reasons for leaving might have been, um, more personal than Snow would like to admit. The journalist did his homework – which is refreshing for non-legal media covering the profession.

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