Best Law Firm Web Site? Not this one…

Law Firm Marketing – First, Let’s Work on the Web Site

From Denise comes this law firm website, which I nominate for best legal website of 2002.  Humor?  Oh, man this is good stuff.

[Ernie the Attorney]

Well, Let me be a dissenter among the group. This site was funny – when it debuted two years ago. (FYI – the link is to their entry from July, 2000 at the Internet Archive. The firm is also at http://www.b-f-h. com/. Get it?)

While I agree that this site is funny, law firm marketing is about making me want to hire the firm, not making me laugh. At some level, I do want a firm to have a sense of humor, to not take itself too seriously. (True story: one law firm gave me an NDA to sign. It said: “1. We have secrets. 2. You have secrets. 3. You won’t tell anyone our secrets. 4. We won’t tell anyone your secrets. 5. If either of our secrets aren’t secret anymore, we can tell people.” I would hire them in a heartbeat.)

But this firm strikes me as the uncle at family gatherings who tells the same joke every year. It was funny once. Maybe you humored him the second year. But by the third year, you looked for a reason to get out of the room.

These guys (er, gals) need a second act.

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