The Matrix Reloaded

The Matrix Reloads

“The Wachowski brothers are currently in residence at the Fox studios in Sydney, Australia, simultaneously shooting Matrix Reloaded (part two) and Matrix Revolutions (part three). The movies won’t come out until 2003 (Reloaded in May, Revolutions in either August or November), but the hype has already begun. This month a trailer for Reloaded hits theaters, and not since the Star Wars movies has a film inspired so much breathless anticipation on the Internet.” [, via [The Shifted Librarian]

I can’t wait.  I loved the original movie, which I own on DVD and have watched more than seven times.  I know that Rick is probably more excited than I am.  After all, his weblog is called “tins….” after a key part in the movie where, as Rick puts it, Neo learns that things are not always as they seem.  One bummer: apparently the woman who played the Oracle has died and so she will appear in the second movie (which she had finished filming), but not the third.  [Ernie the Attorney]

“More than seven times”? Rookie. (I lost count after 15.) Yes, Ernie, I’m very excited. Best part of the Time article is this quote, from fellow Lafayette College alumnus (and Matrix producer) Joel Silver: “The first movie was like The Hobbit for The Lord of the Rings. It’s the setup to the big story.”

If you’re as excited as I am, be sure to visit for more info.

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