Palm OPML Answer!

“You can use Natara Bonsai to do this…” [YACCS Comments for tins ::: Rick Klau’s weblog]

We have a winner! Thanks to the comment above, I now have a functional copy of my Radio outlines on my Palm. It’s not perfect (it involves a two-step process to go from Radio to the Palm), but it works. Bonus? The company behind Bonsai is local. (They’re less than a mile from my house. Who knew?)

On a lark, I then did a Google search for “natara opml“. Hit #2: “I created a small export template that Bonsai can use to generate OPML output.”

And then I see hit #4 (at “If you use the Bonsai PDA/PC outliner, here is an export template that will export the outline in OPML format. If you happen to use Radio Userland or similar application, this will make it immediately importable into this application.” Bing!

So let’s retrace the last 24 hours:

  • I post a question on my weblog.

  • Dave Winer links to me at

  • I receive a dozen e-mails, and six people leave comments at my site.

  • One satisfied Bonsai user tells me that you can import/export files between Radio and Bonsai.

  • Google tells me that somebody already did this, and I now have a fully- functional Radio/Palm integration.

This rocks.

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