My RadioLand WishList I

My RadioLand WishList

I saw Rick‘s list, but all I want (for right now) is something that I know is in here.  I have set up a category and I want it to display with a new theme (I know how to do all that) and then I want the new category to have none of the navigator links or any other idicia of connection with my current page. 

I take it this involves some sort of modifying of the text files in the folders etc.  But I’m stumped.  Please help me!  I’m only a lawyer for God’s sake…. [Ernie the Attorney]

Ernie: In your Program Files\Radio Userland\www folder, there is a file called #template.txt. This is what controls the presentation of files in the www folder. Any sub-folders in the www folder (like your categories folders) can have their own #template.txt file; if they don’t, they simply look up the folder tree until they find one.

So… if there are no #template.txt files in the ../categories folder or any of the specific categories folders, then Radio will apply the settings of the #template.txt file in the www folder.

Open Windows Explorer, find your default #template.txt file (the one in the www folder). Click ctrl-c and then go into the category folder you want to modify. Paste (ctrl-v) the file into that folder, then double click on it to open the file in Notepad.

This next step is no fun – you’ve got to modify the raw HTML to change the appearance of the file. But if all you want to do is maintain the basic settings (i.e., general page lay-out, colors, etc.), then you just need to delete the info you want to get rid of. So to delete the navigator links, you need to find the line in your template that says <navigatorLinks >. Delete that line, and the navigator links are gone. To eliminate “personal” info, get rid of the e-mail icon ( referenced from the Radio macro <radio.macros.mailto ()>) as well. (These macros are commands that Radio sees, runs, and substitutes the results before publishing the HTML up to your web site.)

That should do it. Of course, if you want to really play around, you can select a new template altogether and delete that same info from the template file. You should be good to go.

By the way – if you want to upload the category page to a different server completely, you should read this article at Userland’s site. All the steps necessary to do it are there. Cool stuff!

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