Memorial Day 2002

As I’m sure has been the case for many Americans, today was a far more poignant Memorial Day than many in the past. Though my wife and I did the traditional Memorial Day stuff – worked in the yard, had a cook-out with neighbors, took the kids to a parade – I kept coming back to memories of September 11.

I was in the air the morning of September 11, and spent the next 36 hours trying to get home. I kept notes while on the train back to Chicago, and put that into a mini -journal of September 11 and the days that followed. I’ve published it on this site, both to remember my own experiences and to honor the memory of those who sacrificed so much.

The point of Memorial Day is to honor those who’ve lost their lives in the service of our country. (For more on the history of Memorial Day, be sure to visit the Memorial Day web site.) To those who have lost their lives, a grateful nation thanks you. To those in service today, know that your efforts are appreciated and your sacrifice is respected.

Above all, know that we will never forget.

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