Adam Curry Sheds Light on Fortuyn Assassination

Thanks to Dave, Tim Jarret and InstaPundit for the flow. I understand that US media outlets are lumping Pim Fortuyn with Le Pen in the same scentence even. They are misinformed and have done inadequate research. [Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog]

I’ll admit I didn’t know anything about Pim Fortuyn before yesterday. And initial reports I read (including CNN and MSNBC) painted a picture of a flamboyant racist who inexplicably had tremendous support in the Netherlands. Conveniently, Le Pen’s rise in France gave the networks an easy hook for the Fortuyn assassination.

But Adam has done a far better job explaining who Fortuyn was, what support for him meant, and what his policies were about. The black/white characterizations don’t surprise me on TV, but the same angles being reported in the papers ( which had 12 hours to get their stories straight) are disappointing. Bravo, Adam. Keep up the good work.

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