24 Season Finale

I’m on the road on the west coast tonight, and got to the hotel in time to watch the 24 season finale. I’ve been hooked since the first episode (I’ve always been a Kiefer Sutherland fan). In spite of the fact that this is the conclusion to twenty-four episodes, and that it will no doubt tie up a number of loose ends (but not all of them; 24 is coming back next season), watching this episode is maddening.

Why? Because I’m not home, and I can’t fast-forward through the commercials on my TiVo. Aargh.

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  1. hi. im addicted too! i love the show. it is amazing! the only problem is that i missed the first 20 minutes! could you tell me what happens before jack shoots henderson? could you please leave the answer in another entry! you would save my (24 tv) live! please???…thanks, best reguards…mike

  2. hi, im with the last person!!! my dad is away on a trip and i am taping if for him. i thought it started at 9, but i was wrong! could you pleeez tell us what happens before henderson is shot? i feel really bad about messing this up for my dad. i wan't to be able to tell him what has happened when he comes home and we watch it togehter! thank you! jake

  3. basically, after all the men on the sub are dead, Bierko and his men flush out the nerve gas and try to begin the countdown for the missiles. what they don't know is that there was an engineer underneath the sub — Rooney –who was not intoxicated so he came in contact with Jack. Jack instructed the engineer to kill the guy guarding the hatch, open it and create a distraction for Bierko and his guys so Jack and Henderson could get it. After a while, Jack kills bierko and the other guys, Henderson unarms the missiles and runs to the top of the Sub. There, Jack tells Henderson he doesnt deserves to be free without charge after killing innocent lives and the president… So Jack just shoots Henderson and kills him… I got the tape from my friend last night cuz i couldn't see the first hour either. –Try borrowing from someone like i did if you want all the details, but it doesnt really matter that much, its the last hour that was significant…

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