Tina Fey and TiVo: A Match Made in Heaven

My wife and I agree on one thing (well, more than that – but we agree on one thing regarding technology): TiVo is the single best piece of technology we’ve ever bought. Talk to anyone who has one (or to folks like Jenny, who bought the ReplayTV device), and you can’t get us to shut up about it.

One of the things I really like about it? I can watch SNL whenever I want. As much as I like to watch it live, with two kids in the house (both of whom are up by 6:15), it tends not to make all that much sense.

A picture named tina_fey.jpgIf you haven’t been watching SNL lately, you’re missing some of the best political comedy around. Tina Fey, head writer on SNL and co-anchor on Weekend Update, is magical. Her monologue from a few weeks ago was a great summary of the chaos in the middle east. Turns out I’m not the only SNL/TiVo fan – but this guy did me one better: he actually transcribed the entire thing. Read it here.

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