Jupiter Shoots the Moon

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of fun making fun of Jupiter Communications (now known as Jupiter Media Metrix, after the merger of Jupiter and Internet “ratings” firm Media Metrix). For a couple years, you could always count on Jupiter to add a zero to any number that was a study about the Internet. It would generally go like this:

“Industry analysts expect that the market for e-commerce enabled toasters to reach into the billions by 2003. Forrester Research has estimated a total worldwide market of $2.2 billion, while analysts at Jupiter Communications indicate that number could be as high as $1.4 trillion.”

Looks like they could use a few of those zeroes right about now. With less than $10 million in the bank and their credit line tapped, they will likely go away if they don’t get bought. Forbes runs a story today that says that “[a]t this late date anyone with an interest in Jupiter’s assets is likely to let Jupiter die on the vine and then snap them up for pennies on the dollar.” Of course, with a stock trading at just $.12/share, that’s precious few pennies.

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