InfoMinder – Keep Tabs on Changing Web Sites

Years ago, I was a big fan of URL Minder, a product of a company called NetMind. NetMind was bought by PumaTech (the folks behind Intellisync), and in January of this year they turned URL Minder into a for-pay-only product. The concept behind URL Minder was simple: you type in a URL you’re interested in, and URL Minder would check it once a day. If the site had changed in any way, it would e-mail you to go check it out. This simplified the process of keeping tabs on a bunch of web sites – if you hadn’t received e-mail, you could safely assume that the site hadn’t changed.

A few weeks ago, I saw a mention at The Shifted Librarian about a site called InfoMinder. Sure enough, it does the same thing as URL Minder – and it’s free! No idea whether it will stay free, but I’m enjoying the service just the same. If you want some ideas about how to use the service, check out Jon Udell’s article on the topic.

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