Hollings Bill Endorses Spyware

Salon: “Sen. Fritz Hollings is pushing a bill that supposedly safeguards online privacy — but actually gives intrusive marketers a green light.”  [Scripting News]

I guess I should’ve suspected as much. First Hollings had the “consumer broadband and digital television promotion act“, which actually did none of those. Now he has the “online personal privacy act“ – which allows businesses to collect any “nonsensitive” information about you and do whatever they want with it. This really has been a banner month for Fritz.

Now I’m not exactly a privacy freak on these issues – when I called my local Domino’s back in 1994 and they knew what I wanted because they had caller ID, I figured that most of this technology would increasingly make it easier to collect information and harder for me to control it. But I do get annoyed when politicians claim they’re helping improve a bad situation when in fact they’re codifying it. Chalk it up to yet another reason why people mistrust the law.

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