Debut of Radio pages

Debut of Radio pages for WV Supreme Court site.

The seven new opinions released today were posted to newly-revised pages on the WV Supreme Court site, which marks the official debut of these new Radio-driven pages.   I broadcast the new links to the 2100+ subscribers of my e-mail opinion summary list, so I’m anxious to see what kind of response this gets from the practicing bar and others.  I’m posting the topical category and catchline in Radio’s itemTitle, which will allow users to run a Google search for other relevant links to the opinion’s main holding. If other courts would use this convention, we could bootstrap Google as a free legal research search engine!

As far as I know, this is the first public sector information site driven by weblog technology.  If there are others, please let me know. [Rory Perry’s Radio Weblog]

Excellent example of how courts can use technology for the public good. Rory’s a pioneer, but he won’t be the only one to use this technology. We’ll start to see other courts get a clue before too long. (And when they realize that it costs them $40 to to do this, they’ll be stunned.)

On that note, here’s a true story – our local paper the other day reported that the city of Naperville has allocated $54,000 to a local web designer to redo the city’s web site. The primary purpose of the site? To inform the residents of what’s going on, upcoming events, contact info, etc.

In other words, a blog. I think they budgeted $53,960 too much. (Maybe they’d split the savings with me?)

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