And The Narcissist Award Goes to… Fritz Hollings!

Each year, the Citizens Against Government Waste produce the “Congressional Pig Book”. They released the 2002 pig book today, and Fritz Hollings (D-SC) is the proud (?) winner of the Narcissist Award. What did he do to beat others in this coveted category? He got the Senate to appropriate “$14 million for the Hollings Marine Laboratory and $1 million for the Hollings Cancer Center.”

Why do I care? This is the same Hollings that floated the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act a few weeks ago – a bill paid for by Michael Eisner and friends.

Apparently Fritz is for sale to the entertainment lobby, but found a way for the taxpayers to foot the bill for some public “memorials” to Fritz himself. And we wonder why people don’t like Washington.

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