The big sites get bigger…

Business Week Online claims that the big .com sites are getting bigger, claiming more eyeballs, and more of your online time. “The online winners today are the winners, period.”

Well, fine. For a few years. But there was a time that K-Mart was the king, and Wal-mart was an upstart. And who would’ve guessed Subway would become the largest fast-food chain in the U.S.?

The point is, eBay, Amazon and Yahoo are the biggies today. But it won’t last. As the Net continues its progression to become more like the rest of what we do, “online” will be even less unique and alluring than it is today. Think about it this way: do you think about which companies are your favorite to deal with on the telephone? Didn’t think so. So why should our online habits be that much different?

We’re still in transition. But for BW to think that our buying habits – and our browsing habits – are set in stone is naive.

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