One of the things that

One of the things that was really starting to make business travel bearable last year was high speed Internet access in every hotel room I stayed in. I’m a Hilton bigot (as a HHonors Diamond member, they upgrade me to embarassing rooms when I check in; how can you turn down a 1900 square foot suite in the city center?), and was loving the fact that with the VPN enabled, it was as if I’d never left the office. (And as someone who lived through the nightmares of trying to get early Windows machines on a network, I’m still amazed every time I walk into a hotel room, boot up my computer, plug in the ethernet cable, and voilà: instant Internet.)

Post 9/11, however, it appears as if this perk has gone away. A couple hotels have claimed that the companies that provided the access went under in the post-9/11 travel depression, but I’m not so sure. Does anyone know? Is it the providers that are having trouble, or is it the hotels simply cutting costs?

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