Google is a fickle mistress…

Talk about a lack of patience. Back in February, Evan Williams (co-founder of Pyra, and co-creator of linked to my site. Within a few hours, Google was indexing my site daily. What a rush! But then March 7 rolled around, and I skipped a day of posting. By Saturday, Google had not only stopped visiting each day, but had also reverted to a cached version of my home page from January. Weird.

Then earlier this week a number of people linked to my post on Eisner’s goofy editorial in the Financial Times (Craig’s Booknotes, The Peanut Gallery (Will Cox), and The Shifted Librarian (Jenny Levine) among others). Sure enough, Google came crawling back to me. I was popular again. But, like yesterday’s news, I was tossed out: thanks to my sinus infection, I took Wednesday off. And by Thursday, guess what? Back to January’s cache, as if I’d never even mattered.

I promise, Google: I’ll be better. I won’t ignore my blog. I will consistently provide fresh content. I will link to others. Won’t you come back?

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