All the News that’s fit to Blog

Great article about the growing importance of blogs in April’s Fast Company. One thing that bothers me, though: why mention only I guess the article was just about web publishing, but Radio does it better than blogger. And Radio is a powerful KM tool to boot…
Anyway, couple key quotes from the article:

The market for analysis, commentary, and opinion has shifted because the underlying technology has changed. The emergent technology — the one that we use every day when we email and instant-message one another and the one that gathers ever- greater force with each new increment of connectivity — is peer to peer.
Peer groups organize themselves in hundreds of different ways. But what they all have in common is a shared sense of mission: what the military calls “unit cohesion.” That cohesion — a kind of network effect — is what makes the peer group, or team, much stronger than the simple sum of its parts.

Major news organizations breathed a huge sigh of relief when dotcom mania came crashing down. That meant that the barriers to entry in their markets were reerected and that their ( mostly ) monopoly positions were resecured. Now the bloggers are at the gates, eating into the media’s value-added proposition. It’s no small threat, because the peer-to-peer technology that underlies it is what the military calls a “force multiplier.”

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