Jobs: Flat-panel iMacs on the

Jobs: Flat-panel iMacs on the way – Tech News – ::: This is what he was talking about last week when he said it would be “bigger than all the rumor sites’ predictions”? I must be missing something. Yes, it’s elegant. And yes, it’s very, very different than what other PC manufacturers are coming out with.

The new iMacBut “the best thing we have ever done”? Come on, Steve. If you want us to take you and your $1 salary seriously, give us a little credit. For my money, the portable flat panel wireless computer (as predicted by one Mac enthusiast), or acquiring Danger, Inc. to bring wearable, wireless computing to the masses (as predicted at macosrumors. com – after all, Steve Wozniak just recently joined the board, and wouldn’t that be a great kiss-and-make-up story?) would have been serious, stop-the-presses news. But a new monitor? (Come to think of it, it does have a passing resemblance to some of the denizens of Steve’s other company…)

Go on and just buy Palm already, OK Steve? You know you want to…

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