The Google Zeitgeist ::: Wondering

The Google Zeitgeist ::: Wondering what was hot, was not, and everything in between in 2001? Google has put together the “gaining” queries (the ones becoming the most popular), the “ declining” queries (falling out of favor), and just about everything else.

The 2001 Timeline is neat, too – giving a great overview of the year that was in searches.

This is further evidence of the knowledge management premise that you just don’t know what you’ll want to know in a year. When they came up with the concept behind Google, they didn’t (I’m guessing) explicitly say they wanted to be able to tell us what were the top 10 brands… yet by archiving the data (they process more than 150 million queries per day), they are able to then sift through it and come up with some great analysis. Be sure to spend some time here, and if you want to do some digging, check out the Zeitgeist Archive with links to a month-by-month breakdown.

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