Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Chrome Extensions: Blog This! (by Google)

Posted via the Chrome extension Blog This:

Google Chrome Extensions: Blog This! (by Google): "Add a BlogThis! button to the browser toolbar, which lets you post to your Blogger blog from any webpage with just one click."

Sweet. Nice job, Jungshik!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Matt Stafford wired

If you've got 6 minutes, watch this video. NFL films routinely wires up players for audio - typically to include snippets of hits or sideline banter in end-of-season highlight reels.

But what happened during the Lions/Browns game two weekends ago was remarkable - and listening to the audio from rookie QB Matt Stafford as he commands a comeback (starting down 21 points) is phenomenal.

Then he gets flattened, as time expires. And, well... just watch it. Really incredible.

Defending bloggers' free speech

Yesterday, published an opinion piece I wrote. It's a topic that's not new to my readers - I've been writing about the striking similarities between pamphlets and social media for years (2003, 2009) and more recently read up on George Orwell's focus on pamphlets as a necessary component of communication for individuals to have the ability to freely express themselves.

I mentioned the Universal Declaration on Human Rights in my op-ed, and I realized yesterday that next Thursday (December 10) will be the 61st anniversary of the United Nations adopting and proclaiming the declaration. December 10 is known as Human Rights Day - if you have any suggestions for the best way to observe Human Rights Day, leave them in the comments.