Monday, July 6, 2009

Blogging from my iPhone

Those who know me know how amazing my switch to a mac last year was. A 10 year thinkpad devotee, I reluctantly gave up on windows when I faced a 10 minute reboot. I haven't looked back since - and despite a few minor quibbles, I've been very happy with the switch.

Now it's time for another apple conversion - this time from a blackberry to an iPhone. I held out for more than two years, but the addition of video to the device really sealed it for me. I'm blown away at how polished the phone is - far more sophisticated than any mobile device I've used. (I know, I know - this is not new news to anyone. But I'm still in the honeymoon phase ... :)

More to test it out than anything else, I'm writing this from BlogPress, a nice $2.99 app that works with Blogger. Seems pretty good so far. Here's what this post looks like on the phone (yes, BlogPress supports images):

Pretty slick!

-- Posted from My iPhone


  1. Yep, I use the wordpress app and blogpress to blog from my iPhone too. Do you think you'll do it often?


  2. can you use the iPhone on the side ?

  3. @Wayne - I don't see this being a daily thing, no. But for those times when I'll be away from my computer for long stretches, I can see this being very useful.

    @Genaro - No, BlogPress currently is available only in portrait mode, not landscape.