Monday, May 4, 2009

Google Latitude badge

This is really cool: go to the Google Latitude badge maker and create a badge that you can add to your blog. If you use Latitude, you can show off where you're located.

The end result:
(Used a screenshot so those of you looking in a feed reader will see it.)

Works on all blog platforms, though there's a simplified +Add to Blogger button. More details at Blogger Buzz.
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  1. Thanks Rick! I am gonna put this on my blog immediately! :D

  2. Yep. I put this on my blog also. Pretty cool badge!

  3. THIS I actually like. It's a shame I can't link it to my account (I purchased the domain through Google). Why do I say that? Well I'm looking to see if it's something we should use on the site. But it's a team blog and we're always together so instead of one beacon with one of our names on it I'd rather the beacon had our branding (MY STADY).

    Perhaps I'll create a new Google account. We'll see.

    But it's really cool. It was a good thing to post on Buzz. Yeah, I rather read about new Blogger stuff on Buzz but this is really really neat. And it's useful.

    I guess what I'm trying to do is show you that I CAN be appreciative and give positive feedback! I don't want you guys to think that all I ever do is complain. This is something awesome you guys did and I want you to know that I like it and I approve. And I won't even ruin it by saying, "But blah blah blah..." Not buts!

    Okay, that's about it I guess. Take it easy.

  4. It's a great feature, unfortunatly it does not work in Portugal :(

  5. Sweet! Only wish I could use it on my iPhone . . . but it looks as if that'll happen soon. Thanks for the tip, Rick.

  6. I made a improved version of this badge.

    You can see it here:

    Tell me what you think ;-)