Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Safer Toys

Right before Google bought FeedBurner, I was inspired to set up a site to try and help parents stay on top of which toys might be harmful to their children. The site is called, and the concept is simple: create a crowd-sourced site where parents can submit stories about harmful toys, or simply vote up those news items they thick deserve more attention.

But as I noted at the time, I had zero time after the acquisition. And now that I'm getting a sense of just how busy the Blogger gig is going to keep me, I have even less. :) I haven't touched the site in 18 months, so the site really isn't doing what it could.

I still want to see this site succeed. Anyone have any thoughts about how to put the domain (and, if appropriate, the app itself) to good use?


  1. Cool! Just added to the sidebar, you're on. :)