Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Insanely great Naperville house, now even cheaper

Yes, that’s right: I still own a house in Illinois. No, I’m not happy about it. Yes, I want to sell it to you. The price is now down over 20% from where we listed it in May – and we were underpriced for our neighborhood back then!

Details are all over at the realtor’s site. If you know anyone looking for a house in Naperville, send ‘em my way, won’t ya?! (Update: As of 9:15 pst tonight, the price update hasn’t taken effect on the website. It’s now listed at $399,900.) Naperville is the 2nd best city in the country to raise a family. Barack Obama has eaten in this house, fercrissakes. Raise your kids there and impress your friends with the house’s connection to history!



  1. I feel your pain. We still own our old house as well and dropped the price with the changing of the calendar.

    Here is to celebrating the selling of both of our homes as soon as possible!!!

  2. Insanely great? Have you upgraded it to Leopard? :)

  3. Rick, salesman, shouldn't that be "the next president of the United States has eaten in this house"? ;-)

  4. Rick! 100% of the results are in, have been in for hours, and you haven't posted!

    Is everything okay? or are you just so overwhelmed with glee that you can't hold your hands still to type a post...


    Hope all is good!

  5. Rick - saw the article in the Naperville Sun. You're a famous national figure now!