Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Barack Hussein Obama

For those that missed this wonderful nugget on MSNBC last week, go check it out. A GOP strategist thinks he’ll score some points by race-baiting. “Count me down as somebody that underestimates Barack Hussein Obama,” Rogers said.

Good Lord.

My recommended come-back? “Sure, my middle name is Hussein. But to be honest, it’s not like Saddam’s still at large. Now, my last name? That rhymes with Osama, and he’s still at large five years after attacking the World Trade Center. Seems like that’s a bigger handicap.”

Obama’s staff did me one better. Calls to Barack’s office asking how to spell his middle name are answered succinctly, “Like the dictator.”

I love it.


  1. I have deep sympathy for Sen. Obama.

    -- Austin Hitler Stalin Mayor

  2. A lame point although it will gain traction with someone who'll make an unfortunate connection.

  3. It is his name, after all. It's a respectable name in the Middle East, Saddam notwithstanding.