Sunday, November 19, 2006

I want a Wii

Mark’s review just cements for me why I want this console: it’ll be fun to play with my kids. I haven’t owned a game console since Sega Genesis circa 1995. And before that, our only game console was an Atari 2600. Nintendo was never a staple in our house: no Zelda, no Mario… only periodic games at friends’ houses. And yet I find myself caught up in the frenzy — so much so that, had we not been having friends over this morning for brunch, I would’ve been right there with Mike camping out to pick one up this morning.

As luck would (almost) have it, I refreshed my browser at 10:01am this morning while on the Amazon product page for the Wii. And I was stunned to see the “add to cart” button show up. But upon pressing the button, I got an error message: “The Wii is no longer available.”

So close, and yet so far. (Amazon sold out their allotment in less than a minute.)

Here’s hoping I can find one in the next few weeks, this would be a treat to have under the tree next month.


  1. I think Sega Genesis was closer to circa 1989... I remember playing Altered Beast when the SF Earthquake hit. Unless of course you kept it for 6 years, which would be admirable - a spoiled teenager like me in the 90's got a new game console every 3 years :)

  2. If you get one, Rick, can I come over to play it? :) I'm forcing myself to not get any of the new consoles until I'm done with grad school next May.