Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Tim Calhoun Effect

This is pretty funny. Four years ago, the Will Forte character Tim Calhoun made an appearance on Saturday Night Live, and I wrote about some of my favorite lines. (If you haven’t seen it, Tim Calhoun is a Senate candidate whose public speaking skills are atrocious. It’s well-written, and Forte is tremendous.)

Well, wouldn’t you know that I’m current #2 at Google when you search for Tim Calhoun, and judging by traffic overnight, lots of people like Tim’s prospects in the upcoming election based on his appearance last night:

Within minutes of its broadcast, nearly 200 people had dropped by.

Speaking of SNL, I’m now a Beck convert. His music was never my favorite, but last night’s performance – especially “Clap Hands”, along with the puppet stage alongside the live performance – was brilliant. Just brilliant.


  1. Rick - it's funny how old posts continue to drive traffic. A huge percentage of the folks who hit my blog from Google end up there searching for Tom Cruise's baby's name from a post I did months ago about how they mis-translated the name... Google ranks me 1 or 2 on a lot of those searches.

  2. I loved the Tim Calhoun delivery -- I think Will Forte is one of the more underrated performers on the show...

  3. Anything Will Forte does aside from Bush and The Falconer is gold.

  4. Rick: Beck had the puppets when I saw him at UIC a few weeks ago. Pretty wild.

    Here are some pics: