Saturday, June 17, 2006

Paul Curreri house concert

Last night was a blast — Paul Curreri was in town and played for nearly two hours at our house. We had a nice crowd, and I think it’s safe to say Paul has a lot of new fans now. Thanks to everyone who came!

Evan has already put a couple pictures up on Flickr. And if you don’t have plans today, you should absolutely go to RuralFest in Lisle, where Paul is the opening act. Lots of great music throughout the day.

Update: Kris wrote some nice words about the party, and Mike Marusin talked about hearing Paul’s foot tapping while playing. Mike’s right: this was one of the things I remembered when I saw him play in Chicago a couple years ago. Hearing someone so talented in such an intimate setting is magical.


  1. Did I see a keg in one of those pictures? Sorry I couldn't make it!

  2. Yep, a kegger. I don't remember kegs being so heavy in college...

    Yeah, I'm getting old.

  3. would have been nice to see