Thursday, December 8, 2005

San Francisco to ban video cameras

OK, San Francisco isn’t actually banning video cameras. But perhaps there should be an IQ test before obtaining one. Remember the 49ers video debacle this summer? (If not, there’s some background from here.)

With that fresh in their minds, you’d think that San Franciscans would be a bit gunshy about pulling a similar stunt, just a few months after the 49ers had to fire some personnel and take a considerable amount of heat from local officials. Right?

You’d be wrong. Now the city is suspending 20 cops for a rather similar scenario. Unreal.

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  1. Video Gags, Privacy, Immaturity

    Via old compadre Rick Klau’s Blog, a story about some San Francisco Police officers in trouble over a joke video that’s gotten out. Essentially some SFPD folks decided to do a home-video version of Reno 911, and now everyone’s pissed...