Sunday, August 21, 2005

Still here

Wow, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I just realized how little I’ve posted, and I’ve even received a few e-mails from folks asking if everything’s alright. Yes — doing great, in fact. Just insanely busy, and will likely be for another couple weeks. It’s a combination of a lot happening at FeedBurner, plus the third trimester “nesting” that causes Robin to want to redo every square inch of the house prior to the baby’s arrival.

Will get back in the groove soon…


  1. So you like to live dangerously - nesting indeed. Whose idea was it to bunk the boys (hint: not me!)? We'll talk about this later darling! ;)

  2. Mental note: remember to close browser when posting from wife's computer.


  3. A) Bunk Beds... Cool

    B) Perhaps you will start answering my e-mails now?

  4. Haven't been here in awhile and apparently I missed some big news! Congrats to all of you!