Thursday, July 21, 2005

Stay off the river, DMB is coming to town

Zorn takes issue with this the Dave Matthews Band flushing its past down the, well, read on…

“Chicago Forgives Dave Matthews -– Dave Matthews Band Fans and Survivors of Last Year’s Incident Celebrate the Return of the band to Chicago” is slated for Friday morning, 7-10 a.m., at the Wendella dock on the Chicago River near the Wrigley Building.

The media advisory says the event will “feature a giant, 20-foot toilet balloon.”

Such décor doesn’t sound to me as though it will promote healing from “last year’s incident” in which Matthews’ bus driver emptied an onboard septic tank onto a tour boat and drenched the passengers with, um, sewage. … Meanwhile, merrymakers will be offered “samples of Ben & Jerry’s new flavor, Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies.” [Eric Zorn’s Notebook]

Memo to publicist responsible for this promotion: when the faux-pas you’re trying to overcome is raw sewage, “Magic Brownie” ice cream might just send the wrong signal. Just maybe.

Update: Jake has the same reaction

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  1. Took a stroll down by the river today. Yep, it is a pretty big inflatable toilet. Took a picture with the camera phone, but I don't think it will turn out that well. I saw one lady looking acorss the river with a funny look on her face indicating the thought "What the heck is that?!".

    The back of the toilet has a No sign (circle with a slash through it and the word NO in the middle). NO DUMPING!

    Just plain silly.