Thursday, June 30, 2005

Podcasting with the Treo

I recently downloaded FeedStation after Nick Bradbury mentioned it to me at Gnomedex; it originated as the podcasting client for FeedDemon and is now being worked into the NewsGator family of products. It’s a great app, and one of the things I like about it is that it gives you the option of synching the MP3s with iTunes or Windows Media Player, or simply putting the files in a specific folder.

That’s the key for me — because I really want to listen to podcasts on the train in the morning on my way into work, and the ideal place for these files is my Treo (I have a 1 gig SD card, so there’s more than enough storage there for at least a week’s worth of podcasts). But that’s the rub: while I can get the files automatically downloaded into a folder for my Treo (let’s call it \My Music\Treo), I’m not aware of any way to auto-sync that folder with the SD card on my Treo during a hotsync. Am I missing something obvious here? This seems like it should be simple, but so far I’ve yet to figure out that last step.

Any help is much appreciated.

Update: I called PalmOne support, the less-than-helpful support guy didn’t understand what I was asking for, but nevertheless claimed this isn’t possible. I find that hard to believe… surely this isn’t that hard?


  1. Are you using a Mac? If so, you might try Missing Sync... I haven't tried it, but my understanding is that it will let you sync with iTunes...

  2. mOcean from MotionApps provides a conduit to sync with iTunes.