Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bloggity blog in Blogginois

Zorn asks, and I deliver.

The object of his blogging (and therefore indirectly my blogging), is Barabara’s blogging about Eric’s blogging:

[Reading Zorn] can suck away your time, though, so watch out if you are on the clock at work and start reading Zorn.

You mean I can’t get paid to blog about him blogging about her blogging him (who will hopefully be blogging me)?

That’s just not right.

Cue music: Blogs blogs blogs blogs blogs blogs, baked beans and blogs…


  1. Ric,
    I daresay you asked for a posting. Now we are just about caught in the maelstrom of time-sucking, blog-reading guilty pleasure. And quite self-conscious about it as well.
    barbara i

    My other blog, http://currentbuzz.org is the one where I don't indulge myself.

  2. Yeah, I asked for it. Can you tell it's been the kind of day when I needed a mindless diversion? :)

    I'm thrilled to learn about your class, and look forward to staying in touch via the blogs. Good luck on Thursday!

  3. Bloggity bloggity blog blog blog

    Eric Zorn is blogging about how a blogger is blogging about another blogger blogged how Zorn blogged about a another blogger blogged about Zorn blogging about blogs. I'm blogging about it, of course, because I'm a shameless link whore and...

  4. More blogging goodness from Zorn

    Woo Hoo! Eric Zorn is blogging about how myself and another guy blogged about how he had blogged about how a blogger is blogging about how another blogger blogged that Zorn blogged about how another blogger blogged about Zorn's blogging...