Tuesday, March 8, 2005

My first podcast

OK, giving this a try. Thanks to Denise, whose early adoption of podcasting made me envious, and local bloggers/podcasters Evan Brown and Kris & Betsy Smith who convinced me I needed to make the leap.

So here you are, with much fanfare:

The RSS feed for this podcast is here.

This is mostly an experiment, don’t go listening to this with any expectation of grand revelations (much like reading the blog, come to think of it…)

Anyway, here are links I mentioned or referred to in my podcast:

  • Humax TiVo with DVD recorder (burn your TiVo recordings to DVD!)

I’ll be publishing more about the mechanics of setting up the podcast (including setting up the associated RSS feed) in the next couple days. Let me know what you think!


  1. Glad to see you've found your voice. Did EchoDitto's podcast (http://radio.echoditto.com) have any influence on your entry into the audio world?

    Can't wait to subscribe and listen to your meandering wisdom while riding the metro. Ha!

  2. Fun to think I'll be riding the metro again (in a manner of speaking)... And I think "meandering" hits the nail on the head.

    Yeah, what EchoDitto is doing with podcasting is really exciting, and I'll be talking more about you guys when I start focusing on local politics. Keep up the good work!

  3. Look at you....all atwitter over 'nikita', eh?

    Nice work. I'm such a dj/talk radio wannabe. I gots to get started on podcasting.

  4. Actually Bobaks has Lobsters too and I think they are closer to your casa.

    Now if Rick in MP3 also came with a beer... Hmmmm beer.

  5. Rick,

    Now I can take you with me in my Scion! I enjoyed the inaugural show. Speaking of foreign films, if you like La Femme Nikita, you might also like German film maker Tom Tykwer's “Run Lola Run”; a very fast paced action adventure whose visuals and music deluge your senses with so much information that you can easily enjoy the movie without subtitles.

    I look forward to your next show.

  6. Good job Rick. Heh, guess I need to get an iPod/MP3 player sometime soon.