Monday, February 14, 2005

Obama on Amtrak

In today’s Chicago Tribune:

“Every year they make the same proposal and some of it is just ideological,” Democratic Sen. Barack Obama said today in Chicago. “It strikes me that we should make a greater investment in upgrading our rail system rather than eliminating the subsidies that already exist.”

More on this here.


  1. Actually Rick, this story is a combo of Minetta's press conference and Obama's (though they were held at the same time and John was at Minetta's. Guessing the "The Associated Press contributed to this story" part refers to Obama's quote.

    Should be in tomorrow's print edition. You can also here Craig Dellimore's report here:

  2. Well in Houston, our wonderful former Mayor Lee "Out of Town" Brown stuck us with an $8 billion bill for 7 miles of lightrail.

    I simply think Amtrak's problem is advancement. It's simply the horse and buggy of commercial travel. Sure it's neat, but it costs and arm and a leg and takes 5 times as long to get anywhere than plane.

    I just think it's an antiquated system that's seen it's time come and gone. I road Amtrak every summer growing up with my grandmother. I hold fond memories as well. But with advancement comes the need to "just let it go."