Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snowed out of Blogwalk

I’m very disappointed, but I won’t be at today’s Blogwalk Chicago after all. It’s still snowing pretty good out here in Naperville — we received 6-8” overnight — and forecasts have it keeping up most of the day. My favorite snippet from the forecast: “Winds will also start to pick up…and will be gusting to 35 mph by noon. This will cause considerable blowing and drifting of the fresh snow…making travel difficult…. especially where the lake effect snow is occurring.”

So — given that this event is more than an hour away (without weather problems), I’m going to instead stay off the roads. Bummer.

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  1. It wasn't too snowy for me to knock on doors for Irvin today. We had about a dozen folks show up. I was in this guy's precinct.

    Got to meet his wife at the door....cute kid.